What We Treat

Our program focuses on empowering women to achieve lasting sobriety, not by merely focusing on the surface-level issue of substance abuse, but by providing comprehensive support and treatment for the root causes of addiction or substance misuse.

For some, using alcohol, marijuana, or other mind-altering substances may serve as a way to cope with profound pain from trauma or mental illness. For others, substance use may have evolved into addiction and is the main source of distress and turmoil in their lives. We understand that addiction, mental health and trauma often go hand in hand and create vicious cycles in the lives of those who are suffering. We treat all types of substance use disorders, as well as process addictions such as disordered eating, shopping, co-dependency and more.

Our commitment is to collaborate with you in cultivating the essential tools and skills necessary for crafting the life you aspire to. When the sense of choice slips away and the grip of addiction tightens, The Rose House will guide you toward a path to lasting recovery.

Our approach to mental health treatment is specifically tailored to address the individual needs of women. We help women who have been struggling with depression, anxiety, relationship problems, emotional dysregulation, suicidal ideation, PTSD, bipolar disorder, and more.

We strive to break stigmas surrounding mental health, fostering vulnerability and a profound experience of being witnessed compassionately while also supporting others on their journey. Our program not only focuses on relief from symptoms, but also delves into the underlying factors that contribute to mental illness. We believe that trauma in its many varied forms is a significant cause of mental health symptoms. Our clinical team consists of experts who treat trauma directly, allowing women to dissolve the impact that negative experiences have had in their lives.

By emphasizing the importance of self-care, self-discovery, and resilience, The Rose House equips women with the tools needed to navigate life’s complexities and challenges while nurturing their mental health as a foundational priority.