Program Overview

An In-Depth Look At The Rose House

The Rose House is an extended care, residential treatment program for women who are suffering from addiction, mental health or dual-diagnosis. We explore and treat the underlying issues that have contributed to substance abuse, depression and anxiety, borderline personality disorder, process addictions and other conditions.

Our holistic approach integrates a rigorous and evidence based clinical schedule, an extensive fitness program, experiential therapies, nightly outside 12 step meetings and a community of women supporting one another on this remarkable journey. Each client is supported by the entire team, working closely with a primary therapist, case manager and family therapist. All clients receive an initial psychiatric evaluation and ongoing medication management sessions with our psychiatrist. We utilize psychological testing and assessment tools throughout the course of treatment. Our location is private, comfortable and beautiful, with exquisite views and open space.

At The Rose House, we are dedicated to empowering women to reclaim their lives, break free from the effects of trauma, mental illness and addiction, and step into a future marked by resilience, strength, and lasting well-being. Whether this is a person’s first experience in treatment, or they’ve had multiple stays in rehab before, we have a program uniquely designed to help women understand and heal from the root causes of their suffering, and make the changes necessary to recover long term.

Why Choose Us

As a boutique, privately owned and operated facility, we are able to prioritize the individual needs of each woman who walks through our doors. The personal touch we provide ensures a level of attention and dedication that extends beyond clinical protocols, fostering a sense of trust and connection throughout the recovery journey, for clients and their families alike.

We take pride in The Rose House team of dedicated experts in women’s mental health and trauma treatment. Our founder is a PhD psychologist who thoughtfully designed The Rose House with a deep understanding of the unique needs of women in treatment and the life and death nature of addiction and mental illness. Our clinical team consists of PhD and Masters educated Licensed Professional Counselors, Clinical Social Workers, Addiction Specialists, and board certified medical providers. Our support staff are compassionate, skilled individuals who are working toward higher education or licensure in the field of psychology, or who have personal experience with and passion for recovery.

We understand the importance of creating a safe and nurturing environment for healing. The carefully curated activities and atmosphere promote a sense of community and true belonging, fostering connections that are vital to the recovery process. The community at The Rose House supports women in order to do the difficult work of self reflection and transformation.

There are almost countless treatment options to choose from today. While there are many good programs across the country, for families and clients beginning their search, the process of exploring websites, making phone calls and making the best decision for care can be overwhelming. Give us a call today to help ease that burden. We will offer other resources and recommendations if The Rose House is.

How We Help

At The Rose House, we know that mental illness and addiction often have roots in unresolved trauma. Trauma can be defined as any experience that is less than nurturing or that has an impact on your nervous system or psyche. Our program is crafted to address this fundamental aspect of the human experience, guiding women through a deep and comprehensive inner exploration that serves as the cornerstone for sustainable recovery. The Rose House equips women with coping skills, emotional regulation techniques, and a deeper understanding of themselves, their histories and the world around them, allowing each person to face life’s challenges with strength and fortitude.