Levels of Care

Program Design & Levels of Care

Residential Extended Care Treatment

At The Rose House, we understand that time, repetition and experience is what allows a person to make significant and lasting change in their life. Whether you have been to treatment before, or this is your first time getting help, The Rose House model of care was created to give women the best chance of sustainable transformation.

We are primarily designed as a 3 month residential program focused on treating the root causes of mental health and substance use disorders. Although we offer and are licensed and accredited for lower levels of care such as Partial Hospitalization (PHP) Services, Intensive Outpatient (IOP) Services, and Outpatient (OP) Services, women begin by entering into The Rose House residential program, and then are eligible to step down through our lower levels of care.

During Residential treatment, women gain stability within their recovery, engage in effective and powerful trauma therapy, process their experiences and histories with the clinical team and the community, and develop accessible coping skills conducive to navigating life successfully. During this phase there is a rigorous therapeutic schedule, including daily exercise, meaningful and experiential group and individual therapy, nightly recovery meetings, case management services and visits with a psychiatrist.

Transition & Graduation

After approximately two months at The Rose House, women enter into the Transition Phase of treatment. Certain milestones must be reached for this phase to be implemented. In the Transition Phase, women have more freedom and responsibility, and are able to test out the waters in “real life” while still in our supportive environment. During this phase, women begin to plan, with the support of the clinical team, for their discharge. This may include getting a part time job and researching next level-of-care options.

Research shows that the longer individuals who struggle with addiction and mental health disorders participate in appropriate levels of treatment, the greater the chances of long term sobriety, health and life fulfillment. We know that one month is simply not long enough to be able to explore, treat and integrate the trauma and deeper issues that lead to substance abuse and mental health disorders. Women who graduate from our 3 month program are much less likely to need future treatment episodes than those who attend a standard 30 day program. Our goal is genuinely to help you meet your own goals of living a life of purpose and fulfillment.

Aftercare & Step Down Program

Our focus on multi-faceted evidence-based treatment transforms women cognitively, physically, emotionally and spiritually. The growth we see is significant, and we also realize that what our women do after they leave our three month residential program is crucial to their continued success in recovery.

After graduation, The Rose House clinical team often recommends women move to our supportive living/continued treatment option. Step Down includes many services and is a great way for women to transition into independent, adult living. Our step down program is only available to clients who have completed the Rose House residential program. Step down services include:

  • Individual therapy a minimum of once a week with a Rose House therapist.
  • Group therapy a minimum of 4 times a week (can be more based on needed support or client preference).
  • Support in working, going to school or volunteering.
  • Continued Case Management (career development, budgeting, balancing schedules, life skills, hobbies, etc.)
  • Continued support from nurse and doctor with medication management and refills.
  • Regular drug/alcohol testing.
  • Nightly curfew/well checks by staff
  • Access to fun, healthy activities and outings w/The Rose House (sports games, hiking, community events, etc.)
  • 24/7 professional support from staff as needed
  • Opportunity to have your dog and/or car
  • Community of supportive women in recovery who know you and care!
  • Comfortable accommodations in the vibrant community of Old Town Lafayette, about 5 minutes from the main Rose House.

At this stage women have full autonomy as long as they are meeting program expectations and prioritizing their recovery. This phase is an opportunity to engage fully in a healthy, independent life, including meeting the obligations and responsibilities of adulthood. Women continue to be supported by staff and other women who have gotten to know each other closely over the course of treatment at the Rose House.

Ideally, The Rose House treatment program is a total of nine months, including three months in residential and six months at our Step Down Program. The extended care treatment approach is evidence based and the most effective form of rehab available. Women get better at The Rose House.

Community Connections & Alumni Services

The ultimate goal is for our clients is to be successful in creating healthy and fulfilling lives outside of treatment. By investing quality time in learning how to care for their whole being, women are able to leave The Rose House and continue to elevate their lives. Stepping down through our levels of care with intention and support allow women the time, repetition and experience to truly integrate the recovery tools they’ve gained while in treatment. We believe that healing and recovery happen within a community, and by the time clients have completed our program, they have worked hard to build a vast network of support inside and outside The Rose House. This support network includes family and friends, professionals such as a therapist or coach, a fellowship of others in recovery, and other women with whom they’ve formed deep and lasting bonds while in The Rose House. Women who traveled to Colorado specifically to attend The Rose House often choose to stay in the area and make it home. Others return to their families in or out of Colorado. Regardless of whether our women continue to live nearby after leaving The Rose House, or move out-of-state, we work with them to develop a plan that includes the appropriate therapeutic level-of-care and community support.

The Rose House is like a home for the hundreds of women who have come through our program, and we welcome and encourage ongoing conversation and connection with past clients and family members. The Rose House alumni program includes quarterly events, virtual and in person speaker and fellowship meetings, and a promise that any woman or loved one who reaches out to us after leaving The Rose House will be embraced with joy and support, and an enduring reverence for the work that a person completed during their time with us. The same is true for family members or other loved ones of past clients. The Rose House Leadership and Clinical team members are available for ongoing support for our alumni clients and families, no matter how much time may have passed since treatment at The Rose House. As a small and unique program for women, we feel that we are a part of an extended, loving, family-like community for all the women and families we’ve worked with over the years.